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Our CHEX-Point Newsletter is produced quarterly with editions typically based around a relevant community health theme or 'top topic' identified by the CHEX team.

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Issue 53, Summer 2018

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Previous Issues   

Issue 52- Autumn 2017

Issue 51- Winter 2016

Issue 50 - Spring 2016

Issue 49 - Summer 2015

Growing our influence: How community-led health can make an impact on inequalities

Issue 48 - Spring 2015 (PDF 2MB)

Playing our part: Increasing participation through community-led health

Issue 47 - August 2014 (PDF 1MB)

'Out and About: Building the case and presenting the evidence for community-led health'

Issue 46 - Spring 2014 (PDF 1MB)

'Sharing the prescription for better health: How communities contribute' 

Issue 45 - Summer 2013 (PDF 621KB) 

'Off to a Good Start: New opportunities for families and children'

Issue 44 - Spring 2013 (PDF 5MB) 

'Growing Together: community-led health and health improvement'

Issue 43 - Winter 2012 (PDF 844KB)

'An Eye on Policy and Practice'  [cover photo courtesy of Irvine Housing Association]

Issue 42 - Summer 2012 (PDF 881KB)

'Inclusive Communities, Healthy Communities'. Read Shabir Banday's full proposal for a journal for community-led health here

Issue 41 - Winter 2011/12 (PDF 2.6MB)

'Know It Works, Show It Works'

Issue 40 - Autumn 2011 (PDF 1097KB)

'40 and Proud!'

Issue 39 - Summer 2011 (PDF 468 KB)

'The Community-led Health Agenda'

Issue 38 - Winter 2010 (PDF file, 3.2Mb)

 'Tools for a Brave New World - Part 2'

Issue 37 - Summer 2010 (PDF file, 1.4Mb)

 'Tools for a Brave New World'

Issue 36 - Spring 2010 (PDF file, 4.2Mb)

'CHEX Points to the Future'

Issue 35 - Autumn 2009 (PDF file, 3.7Mb)

'Changing the Landscape - communities improve their neighbourhoods and their health to lasting effect'.  N.B. Due to space considerations, we were unable to include an article on the recommendations of the Glasgow Health Commission in this issue.  To read this article, click here.

Issue 34 - Summer 2009 (PDF file, 2.02Mb)

'Healthy and Enterprising - a social enterprise approach to community-led health'.  N.B. Circulated with the hard copy of this issue was a complementary report entitled ‘How does the Social Enterprise Model fit with Community-led Health Initiatives?'. To download this report, click here.

Issue 33 - Spring 2009 (PDF file, 2.17Mb)

'Working Well Together'

Issue 32 - Winter 2008 (PDF file, 2.45Mb)

'Communities In Safe Keeping'

Issue 31 - Summer 2008 (PDF file, 4.26Mb)

'Health in Later Years - the voice of Older People'

Issue 30 - Spring 2008 (PDF file, 3.5Mb)

'CHEX looks to the future...'

Issue 29 - Winter 2007-08 (PDF file, 0.5Mb)

'The Early Years...the participation of children and young people in health matters'

Issue 28 - Autumn 2007 (PDF file, 2.1Mb)

'Healthy Scotland for all'

Issue 27 - Summer 2007 (PDF file, 2.6Mb)

'Community Development & Health Improvement: Good Policies, Good Practice?'

Issue 26 - Winter 2006/07 (PDF file, 1.9Mb)

'2007 Scottish Parliamentary Election - What support for Community-led Health?'

Issue 25 - Autumn 2006 (PDF file, 1.2Mb)

'Welfare Reform - what does it mean for Community Health?'

Issue 24 - Summer 2006 (PDF file, 3Mb)

'Community-Led Health Group moves into Top Gear!'

Issue 23 - Winter 2005/06 (PDF file, 3.5Mb)

'Health Improvement - Community-Led Approaches'

Issue 22 - Summer 2005 (PDF file, 5Mb)

'Healthy Communities in Mind'

Issue 21 - Spring 2005 (PDF file, 2.4Mb)

'The Social Economy & Health Inequalities'

Issue 20 - Winter 2004/05 (PDF file, 2.9Mb)

'Community-Led Health Task Group - Lift off'