CHEX National Conference 2017: Power, inequality and community-led health - report

On 1st March 2017 CHEX welcomed community members and colleagues from across Scotland for our National Conference ‘Power, Inequality and Community-led health’.

It was a great day, full of ideas, discussion and energy. Our event report captures the inputs from our excellent contributors on the day:

  • Maruska Greenwood of LGBT Health and Wellbeing - our chair for the day
  • Elinor Dickie of NH Health Scotland
  • Maureen Cope MBE from the Ardenglen Family 
  • Donna Henderson Go Well and Tron St Mary’s Youth Group
  • Donna McKenzie from Beads and Blether and Deborah Hamilton Community Links Practitioner

A big thanks to everyone who made the day such a success. CHEX will continue to connect with the network on the themes identified during the conference, and continue promoting community led health as an integral approach to improving the health and wellbeing of local people and communities. 

Read the event report here

Community Health Exchange

CHEX is short for Community Health Exchange. We promote and support community-led health -where local communities identify the issues that are important to them and organise to take collective action to address these issues and improve their health. 

Paul Gray, Director General Health and Social Care and Chief Executive of NHS Scotland:

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If you are a local group or organisation in Scotland working to improve the health of your community, or if you are in the statutory sector supporting this type of work, you can register with us for information, advice, networking and training opportunities.

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  What is community-led health?

Want to know more about community-led health? Watch a short clip of our film 'The Picture of Health' below featuring some of the local organisations CHEX supports.  


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 *further chapters of the film can be accessed here along with subtitled versions*

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