What We Do

CHEX Infographic highlighting our activity                                

Influencing policy

  • Supporting communities to become better involved in health policy, planning and delivery.
  • Supporting policymakers, public sector and community and voluntary organisations to become better informed about the needs of communities.
  • Participating in Scottish Government's working groups related to community-led health.
  • Assisting community-led health organisations to respond to national consultations relating to community-led health.

Sharing Good Practice

  • We host and facilitate seminars and conferences for community-led health organisations to share skills, ideas and good practice.
  • Promoting opportunities to enhance practice in community development approaches to health improvement.
  • Promoting community-led health research and supporting communities to undertake their own research and take forward findings
  • Building the capacity of community members to address and take action on their priority health issues through participation in ‘Health Issues in the Community' training initiative.
  • Supporting tutors to deliver and evaluate ‘Health Issues in the Community' training initiative. 
  • Promoting opportunities to plan and evaluate community-led health through application of computer software such as ‘LEAP on-line' and ‘VOICE'.
  • Promoting equality through the promotion of effective methods to involve those experiencing greatest disadvantage.


  • Supporting capacity building with both local and national community-led health networks.
  • Developing networks and sharing of information with other national health intermediaries such as Voluntary Health Scotland and Community Food and Health Scotland.


  • We produce and disseminate our CHEX-Point, a newsletter.
  • We produce and disseminate CHEX-Point Snippets, a fortnightly e-bulletin.
  • We host an online searchable database of community-led health organisations.
  • We also respond to enquiries relating to community-led health.