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There are various publications associated with Health Issues in the Community that are a useful resource for tutors, students and other stakeholders. HIIC Newsletters are produced approximately twice a year, and there have also been various volumes of student writings that contain excerpts from student course work over the years.

Health Issues in the Community: Evidence of Impact


Cover imageThe purpose of this paper is to highlight to policy makers, at a national and local level the contribution Health Issues In the Community (HIIC) makes to national and local outcomes and to provide supporting information for those already committed to the delivery of HIIC. Download it here








HIIC Newsletters

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HIIC briefing papers & updates

Briefing Paper: Barriers and Enablers to Local Sustainability - September 2009 

Briefing Update - April 2009

"Changing lives – Changing Communities”: Health Issues in the Community Conference Report 2013

Student Writings

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