Case studies: Reflections and insights of HIIC in action

HIIC case studiesCHEX has launched a series of case studies which demonstrate how HIIC - Health Issues in the Community - can be used to encourage and support people to become more involved in the health and wellbeing of their community

In 'Let go and Help Grow: HIIC - Reflections and Insights' four case studies show how HIIC has been used across a range of different settings and the impact it has had on people's lives. Through its use in schools to community groups, the case studies show how a community development approach to health can be used to build the capacity of individuals and communities to better understand and engage with the issues important to them.

“I didn’t pay attention before. I am now more eager to be involved in the resolution of issues. I can speak my mind.” Course participant

HIIC, a course run in Scotland for more than 18 years, is a training programme aimed at increasing community capacity, increasing community participation, and establishing / consolidating community development approaches to tackling inequalities in health.

The case studies were launched at an event attended by HIIC tutors and course participants on Thursday 5th November in Glasgow. 

The case studies are available to download here.