Our Approach

Community Health Exchange (CHEX) believes in the right to good health for all.  This includes personal empowerment, equity, social justice and sustainable development. 

We operate within a social model of health, based on the World Health Organisation's statement that health is 'a state of physical, social and mental wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity'.

Local community-led organisations support people to organise themselves on issues of joint concern. Supporting   community members to:community cafe image

  • Recognise and organise around issues of common concern
  • Work together on those issues
  • Build organisations which are autonomous, strong, effective, sustainable and accountable to the wider community
  • Work within values of equity, inclusiveness and cohesion
  • Influence and transform public policies and services
  • Build social capital, social economy and community assets

A community-led approach to health improvement

A community-led approach to health improvement is now a significant feature of health improvement policy and practice. It gives particular emphasis to understanding the central role of development support to empower communities as architects of actions that impact on their own health.  The Scottish Government Health Directorate has endorsed the approach since Dec. 2006, when it launched recommendations and subsequent plans to build capacity through the Healthy Communities: Meeting the Shared Challenge capacity building programme.   

The Community-led Health Logic Model (download) illustrates this approach.

                             CLH logic model

Read more in the briefing paper Understanding Community-led Health for the Meeting the Shared Challenge programme.

View the Task Group Report and Recommendations (PDF file, 2.1Mb) or view the Summary Report (PDF file, 1.6Mb).