Organisational Values  

As part of SCDC, CHEX works towards a clear set of organisational and operational values;


We are committed to the principles of community development

We value staff who are committed to the principle that community development is a vital tool for social transformation. This includes valuing the diversity of communities and a commitment to empowering communities to become more involved in the decisions affecting their lives. These principles also underpin all of our internal and external processes.


We are empowered and accountable

We ensure that our managers and staff work in a way which facilitates people taking ownership over their work and working in a collaborative and enabling way, across the organisation. This includes systems and processes to support and encourage good performance, so that staff are both empowered to work effectively for SCDC and able to take individual responsibility for meeting the needs of stakeholders. Everyone is accountable, which means we recognise success as well as mistakes and take learning from these situations to improve our internal and external services. Management also review and address issues which may disempower staff, or undermine the effectiveness of their work.


We actively share knowledge and skills

We value staff who harness knowledge from diverse sources and who seek to share that knowledge across the organisation. We work in an environment and actions.within structures that support and thrive on co-operation, cross-working and mutual support. Our working practices make time and space for staff to share knowledge and skills in a transparent and supportive way.


We ensure equality and promote diversity

We are committed to promoting equality of opportunity which recognises and respects the rich diversity and differences of staff and stakeholders. Our equality and diversity policies and practices ensure equal treatment and opportunity for all regardless of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation. 


We are committed to service quality and excellence

We are committed to attaining and maintaining the highest possible standards across all of our services and work, with a continuous focus on our internal and external stakeholder needs. This includes the way in which we work and the quality of the outcomes and outputs we aim to achieve. We are not complacent, but review progress, challenge assumptions and push boundaries so that we continuously improve.


We practice corporate social responsibility

We ensure that, where practical, our present actions do not have a negative future impact on our society. This includes considering environmental and ethical implications and opportunities in our decisions and actions.