CHEX Advisory Committee

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The CHEX Advisory Committee draws on the experience and expertise of a wide range of health related networks.  The role of the Committee is to advise and offer guidance on the development of CHEX.  In practice, members actively participate in CHEX activities and provide a basis for informed discussion on the general direction of the agency. 


The current Advisory Committee

  • John Cassidy, Scottish Communities for Health & Wellbeing 
  • Fiona Garven, Scottish Community Development Centre
  • Tina Gibson, Dumfries & Galloway NHS
  • Runima Kakati, Health Issues in the Community Training Initiative
  • Sheila McMahon, Dundee Equally Well Programme
  • Nichola Sewall, NHS Borders
  • Robin Tennant, The Poverty Alliance
  • Pauline Craig, NHS Health Scotland
  • Jane Oliver, Community Food and Health Scotland
  • Tony Rednall, Scottish Government Public Health Directorate
  • Ian Shankland, Lanarkshire Community Food & Health Partnership
  • Christine Tait, Community Volunteer 
  • Iain Stewart, Lothian Community Health Initiatives' Forum
  • Elodie Mignard, Scottish Refugee Council