Documents of Interest

Connect and Include: An exploratory study of community development and mental health

Written by Patience Seebohm and Alison Gilchrist this four part document explores the contribution made by community development approaches to mental well-being. It includes a comprehensive review of previous literature and concludes with recommendations to commissioners and policy makers.

Mental Health Improvement: Planning in the current economic climate

This was an event provided by NHS Health Scotland, in conjunction with the raise awareness of the need to continue to focus on promotion of wellbeing, prevention National Mental Health Improvement Network, in October 2010 '. The purpose was to of mental health problems as well as care and treatment. The event aimed to build capacity, confidence and knowledge in those who are able to influence priorities and programmes in the coming years so that mental health improvement is more firmly embedded. Dr Lynne Friedli, mental health improvement specialist, provided the following presentation ‘Improving mental health through a recession: ethics, equity, effectiveness and best buys'

'Promoting mental health and preventing mental illness: the economic case for investment in Wales'

This document by Lynne Friedli and Michael Parsonage was published in 2009 by the All Wales Mental Health Promotion Network. The report contains a plethora of excellent material including ‘concepts and definitions of mental health' and the benefits of a range of initiatives supporting mental wellbeing. The economic analysis is compelling. More information on the All Wales Mental Health Promotion Network is available on their website

Another report by the same authors 'Mental Health Promotion: Building an Economic Case' was published by Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health (NIAMH) in 2007.