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Mental Health Strategies

Scotland’s mental health strategy 2012 - 2015

This is the first time that a strategic document for mental health has incorporated both mental health services and mental health improvement.

The Scottish Government website states:

“The Scottish Government’s mental health strategy to 2015 sets out a range of key commitments across the full spectrum of mental health improvement, services and recovery to ensure delivery of effective, quality care and treatment for people with a mental illness, their carers and families.”

'Towards a Mentally Flourishing Scotland'

This was the previous strategy in Scotland for mental health, published in May 2009.

England’s Strategy and Implementation Framework

The Mental Health Implementation Framework for England was launched in July 2012. It is the implementation response to their mental health strategy No Health Without Mental Health.

Mental Health Indicator sets

i)   Adult indicators

Health Scotland was commissioned by the Scottish Government to devise a set of mental health indicators originally for the adult population and then for children and young people.  The adult indicator set was completed in December 2007.

ii)  Children and Young people indicators

NHS Health Scotland's website states:

“The indicators provide for the first time a means of assessing and monitoring the mental health of Scotland's children and young people over time and will enable the development of the first national mental health profile for children and young people (aged from pre-birth to 17 years). Updated every four years, the profile will result in a greater understanding of the current and changing picture of mental health within this population and the factors that influence it.”

As a result of the work on adult indicators it has been possible to do an analysis of Scotland's mental health in a new way. The first report to use these indicators is now available on the ScotPHO (Scottish Public Health Observatory) website by clicking here.

For all the latest information about mental health indicators from Health Scotland's website, please click here.