Event Reports

CHEX delivers a wide variety of events on topics of interest to the community-led health sector. These range from the sustainability of Community Health Initiatives to the implications of Community Planning for the community health sector.


Select from our event reports below which are in date order.

More Communities at the Cente Lunch and Launch - 30th March 2016

Evidence for Community-led Health workshop report - 20th February 2015

Communities at the Centre - CHEX National Conference
1st May 2014, Glasgow 

Knowing Me, Knowing You 2: A Learning Exchange between National and Local Organisations
19 August 2014, Edinburgh

A Learning Exchange Between National and Local Organisations Addressing Health Inequalities
8 October 2014

'Making Scotland Better - A CHEX and partners event'
23 April 2013, Edinburgh

'Communiy-led Health for All: Developing Good Practice: Report of the joint seminar between Community Health Exchange (CHEX) and Lothian Community Health Projects Forum (LCHPF)' - Tuesday 20th November, Edinburgh

'Community-led Health for All: CHEX practice development seminar & launch of the learning resource' - Glasgow, March 2012

'Up-beat Voices: HIIC Tutor Conference 2012' - Glasgow, February 2012

'Money Well Spent: Economic evidence in community-led health'- Seminar report - Edinburgh, October 2011

‘The Picture of Health: evidencing community-led health with film' - Seminar report - Glasgow, May 2011.

'New Challenges, New Responses: a community-led health conference' - Stirling, February 2011' (PDF file 638 Kb)

'Health Improvement Topics: holistic approaches in a topic focussed environment' Seminar Report - Glasgow, August 2010
(PDF file, 0.3Mb)  

'Community-led Research' Seminar Report - Glasgow 2010
(PDF file, 1Mb)

'CHEX Points to the Future' - briefing of the National Conference - Glasgow 2009 
(PDF file, 0.9Mb)  

'Feedback to Feed On' - report of four CHEX Meeting the Shared Challenge Networking Events 2009 (Inverness, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow)
(PDF file, 0.5Mb)  

'Knowing Me, Knowing You' 3 Report - Stirling 2009 
(PDF file, 0.2Mb)  

'Knowing Me, Knowing You' Part 2 Report - Edinburgh 2009 
(PDF file, 0.2Mb)  

'Knowing Me, Knowing You' Round Table Discussion Report - Glasgow 2009 
(PDF file, 0.2Mb)  

Northern Ireland Study Tour Report - Northern Ireland 2008 
(PDF file, 6.87Mb)  

What you CAN DO about sustainability Oct 2007 (PDF file, 15kb)

What is the funding situation for CHIs beyond March 2008?
(PDF file, 20kb)

Be Happy, Don't Worry and Stop Smoking - Glasgow 2006 
(PDF file, 0.2Mb)  

The Sustainability Workshops 2006:  These are the reports on a series of regional workshops developed by The HLC Support Programme and CHEX. 
Largs 2006 (PDF file, 97kb)
Aberdeen 2006 (PDF file, 96kb)
Edinburgh 2006 (PDF file, 87kb)
Glasgow 2006 (PDF file, 97kb)

CD Works for Equalities - Stirling 2005 
(PDF file, 29kb)

CD Works - Glasgow 2005 
(PDF file, 78kb)

Putting the Community into CHPs - Glasgow 2005 
(PDF file, 112kb)

Onwards and upwards - Glasgow 2003 
(PDF file, 2.8Mb)

Community Planning, Community Engagement and Health - Edinburgh 2003 
(PDF file, 238kb)

Influencing Health Policy - Stirling 2002 
(PDF file, 260kb)

Lothian Policy Maze - Edinburgh 2002 
(PDF file, 103kb)

Working Together for a Healthier Milton - Easterross 2002 
(PDF file, 324kb)

CD in the 21st Century - Glasgow 2002 
(PDF file, 249kb)

Community Planning Seminar - Aberdeen 2001 
(PDF file, 118kb)

Local Health Care Co-ops - Glasgow 2001 
(PDF file, 240kb)

Influencing Health and Social Policy - Glasgow 2001 
(PDF file, 91kb)

Sustainability of Community Health Projects - Paisley 2000 
(PDF file, 186kb)