Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing

(formerly the Scottish Healthy Living Centre Alliance)

The Scottish Healthy Living Centre Alliance (SHLCA) was formed in September 2007 to represent Healthy Living Centres (HLCs) in Scotland. Registered since 2009 as a Company Limited by Guarantee, the Alliance's role has been to support and advocate on behalf of Healthy Living Centres (HLCs); to work on solutions to sustainability issues, to establish strong partnerships with key stakeholders and to add value to health provision.

Since 2012 the Alliance has been renamed Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing (SCHW).

The central purpose and direction of SCHW is to ensure that everything possible is done to embed community-led approaches to health improvement in disadvantaged communities across Scotland and to reduce health inequalities wherever they occur.breaking through

SCHW has an ambitious vision.

  • To see Scotland at the top of the European health league tables with local communities placed centrally as experts in this transformation.
  • To embed community-led health improvement and reduce health inequalities across communities throughout Scotland.

Over the last year, and with support from the Scottish Government, the HLC Alliance has developed a Business Plan for the next three years and beyond.  Download a brief summary of the plan (PDF file, 60kb). To contact the Alliance, please telephone Brendan Rooney on 0141 646 0123 or e-mail

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