Working with Scotland's Communities survey

The 'Working with Scotland's Communities' survey is now live. This is a research study to find out more about the range of paid staff and volunteers in community learning and development roles across Scotland. These are people who do a wide range of learning and development work with individuals and groups of all ages in their communities, using both formal and informal methods. Almost everyone who carries out or manages community development work is likely to be eligible for inclusion, regardless of labels. Please look at the introductory web page and the downloadable survey guide for more guidance.

Phase one of the study is a survey aimed at the organisations and services that employ these staff and volunteers. We want to hear from all community, voluntary or public sector organisations, large or small, that employ paid staff or volunteers in community learning and development roles. We are looking for one response on behalf of your organisation or service. Please check with colleagues if in doubt.

The survey can be completed at A printable reference version is available via the introductory web page.

The survey is being carried out by Education Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government, in partnership with Youthlink Scotland, the Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC), Workers Educational Association (WEA), CLD Standards Council for Scotland and CLD Managers Scotland.

Anyone in the broad field of community development, community capacity building, etc. who would like to discuss more about the survey or the application or interpretation of specific parts of it is encouraged to contact Peter Taylor (, 0141 586 7588),  who can offer support on behalf of the Scottish Community Development Centre. Other partners are offering similar support.

Please help us to learn more about who does community learning and development in Scotland by completing the survey by Friday 10 April 2015. Please also feel free to pass information about the survey on to your networks and partner organisations, and encourage them to take part where appropriate.

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