Tackling Poverty Together: Networking Meetings February 2015

The Poverty Alliance is organising a series of ‘Tackling Poverty Together’ meetings in early February 2015. These networking meetings are designed to bring together a range of local groups and organisations to discuss issues of key concern to the fight against poverty. The meetings will be small scale, with a maximum of 20 participants, to allow for discussion and debate. They will look at three areas:

  • National Trends: Highlighting key issues and trends in poverty at the national level and policy responses to them;
  • Responding locally: how do these trends reflect locally and what is being done;
  • Priorities for action: a final session will look at key priorities for the local and national levels, and how to can work together to combat poverty

The discussions will be led by staff from the Poverty Alliance, and the discussion that takes place will shape the organisation's campaigning and lobbying work over the next year. Participants will receive a summary report of the discussions from all 10 meetings.

Meetings will take place in 10 locations across Scotland (please note that the Glasgow and Edinburgh meetings are now fully booked).  To see the full list please click here.

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