Tackling health inequalities workshops

Interested in learning more about the impact of inequalities on health outcomes? Keen to understand your role better in tackling health inequalities? Interested in learning how to evaluate your impact on health inequalities? 

CHEX and Evaluation Support Scotland are joining forces to offer free workshops to support you to understand the role that you and your organisation play in tackling health inequalities and take steps to measure your impact. This training is funded by NHS Health Scotland through the National Learning Collaborative on Inequalities.

Workshop 1: Understanding your role in tackling inequalities

Delivered by CHEX, will enable you to:

  • Understand the impact of inequalities on health outcomes
  • Identify the differences between the terms ‘equality’ and ‘equity’
  • Know the right to health framework and its importance in addressing inequalities
  • Reflect on how your own role/service can contribute to reducing health inequalities or support human rights

Who is this for?

  • Whether you work in the Community and Voluntary Sector, the NHS or Local Authority you may be interested in this interactive training which will take place in cross-sectoral groupings.

Dates and locations available are:

To book contact: Alex McDonald on 0141 248 1924 Alex.MacDonald@scdc.org.uk


Workshop 2: Take steps to measure your impact on health inequalities

Delivered by Evaluation Support Scotland, will enable you to understand how to evaluate your activities to prevent health inequalities or mitigate the effects of inequalities by:

  • Being clear about your reach and the need you are meeting
  • Setting outcomes and indicators to show the difference your organisation makes on health inequalities
  • Collecting evidence to show your impact
  • Identifying longer term or strategic outcomes which are important to your work and explaining your contribution to these outcomes

Who is this for?

  • Staff or volunteers from any Community/Voluntary Sector organisations will have priority booking, including those that do not typically think of themselves as being in the health field.
  • There will be a limited number of spaces available for public sector representatives who are working in service delivery role.
  • We recommend you attend Workshop 1: Understanding your role in tackling inequalities first but this is not essential  
  • This event is aimed at people who already have evaluation experience.

Dates and locations available are:

To book please visit: www.evaluationsupportscotland.org.uk/workshops/48/

For any inquiries contact: Nicola Swan on 0131 243 2778


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