SURF Alliance for Action Interim Report

In March 2013, the Scottish Government committed support for SURF's proposal to use its unique role, experience and cross sector networks to develop a collaborative ‘Alliance for Action' initiative. The main specified aims were to:

  • Enhance resilience and practical outcomes in the two communities of concerted focus i.e. Govan in Glasgow and Gallatown in Kirkcaldy;
  • Identify learning and promote constructive debate on wider policy and resource considerations for supporting community regeneration in the continuing recessionary context.

This interim report tracks progress so far and sets out what work is currently being delivered and planned. Learning focuses on the benefits and challenges of  working in collaborative and innovative ways.  The report also puts strong emphasis on the need to address inequalities in capacity and resources if ‘assets based' and community-led regeneration are to have real positive results for disadvantaged communities.

Read the report here.

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