Strengthening Communities funding for local organisations

The Scottish Government has detailed 40 organisations which will continue to receive Strengthening Communities Programme funding over the next year.

The government has added an additional £500,000 to the fund, now at £2.5 million. The fund aims to support community organisations to become more self-sustaining by generating income through disused buildings, community transport and other social enterprise initiatives.

SCDC is a member of the Strengthening Communities programme board, and works with community organisations as part of the Supporting Communities programme

As part of the announcement, Community Empowerment Minister Marco Biagi said:

"This £2.5 million investment is helping communities breathe life into disused buildings, producing opportunities for renewables generation, establishing community transport and tourism initiatives and creating jobs.

"We've already seen the benefits of funding these projects with communities across Scotland becoming more resilient, taking ownership and control of their own areas and generating income by coming up with entrepreneurial ideas.

"This funding supports the aims of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act which comes into effect this year and is a momentous step in our drive to increase participation in local decision making."

There's more information and a complete list of the funded organisations here

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