SPICe briefing on Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill

A new (Scottish Parliament Information Centre) SPICe briefing on the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill has been published on the Parliament's website.

This briefing is entitled: SB 15-18 Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill – Parliamentary consideration prior to Stage 3. It can be accessed online here.

This briefing summarises the main changes made to the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill during its Stage 2 consideration by the Local Government and Regeneration Committee and the Rural Affairs, Climate Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill imageChange and Environment Committee of the Scottish Parliament. This Briefing sets out the main changes made to the Bill, including:

  • That the Scottish Government must consult with communities and the Parliament on the National Outcomes, and report annually on the extent to which those outcomes have been achieved;
  • Various changes to the provisions of the Bill on community planning to strengthen the role of communities, and the accountability of community planning partnerships to the communities they serve;
  • That public bodies must publicly report on their work on both participation requests and asset transfer requests;
  • Strengthened appeals processes for both participation requests and asset transfer requests;
  • A series of amendments to allow football supporters’ trusts to buy professional football clubs;
  • Detailed changes to the provisions on allotments, including a standard size for an allotment and changes designed to reduce waiting lists;
  • New provisions on participation in public decision making, including on participatory budgeting;
  • A series of amendments to the Crofting Community Right to Buy, which simplified various aspects of the process, including the mapping requirements of an application;
  • Proposed amendments to the community right to buy abandoned or neglected land were not moved, on the understanding that the Minister would meet informally with Committee members before Stage 3 to find a better way of meeting the objectives of the Bill.

Stage 3 consideration of the Bill is due to take place in late April/early May 2015 andCHEX will continue to provide updates on the Bill's progress. SCDC's Opinion and Debate section contains information and reflections on the Bill at various stages of its development.

You can also follow the Committee on Twitter: @SP_LocalGovt

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