Social prescribing but maybe not as you know it

A new project is being funded in Scotland and Northern Ireland which will base social prescribers in community-led health organisations in order to better link primary medical care to community based resources.

The cross-border partnership being led by Scottish Communities for Health and Wellbeing (SCHW) and the Northern Ireland Healthy Living Centre Alliance (HLCA) is being funded £3 million by the Big Lottery Fund. This will fund ten community-led health organisations in Scotland £40,000 per year for at least three years to develop the project and to host social prescribers.

Social prescribers will work with referred individuals to link them with local resources ranging from stress management services to community groups offering peer-support.

Whereas many other social prescribing programmes situate social prescribers (sometimes referred to as 'link workers') in GPs, it is hoped this project will benefit from the fact that social prescribers will be able to draw on their host organisation's knowledge and understanding of their local communities.

CHEX's parent organisation, Scottish Community Development Centre helped to develop the business plan presented to the Big Lottery as part of the funding bid.

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