Social Enterprise Census Scotland 2015

A consortium of support bodies and government agencies have come together to launch a high profile and ambitious study. This large-scale Social Enterprise Census will take an official count of the entire population of non-profit-distributing organisations that are carrying out some level of trading for the good of Scotland.

The findings will be made widely available to ensure that this type of enterprising activity is better understood and better supported, and its contribution evident to all.  

Is your organisation trading for the benefit of others? If you can answer ‘yes' to all or the majority of the following questions we want to hear from you:

  • Does your organisation have social or environmental goals?
  • Are you operating independently of the public sector?
  • Are you earning some level of income from delivering contracts or selling goods/services?
  • Do you aspire to greater financial independence through earned income (not reliant on grants)?
  • Do you reinvest your profits and retain assets entirely in pursuit of your social or environmental goals? 

You can take the survey, and get more information, here.

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