Scottish Government response to Integration of Health & Social Partnerships Consultation

This paper provides a summary of the Scottish Government's response to the key points made by respondents to the integration of adult health and social care consultation, and describes Ministers' thinking with regard to the Bill that will be introduced to the Scottish Parliament later in 2013. It addresses points made in the written responses that were submitted and also draws together a number of key observations that have been made to Ministers and officials during the period of consultation, during public discussion events and at other meetings.

CHEX welcomes the report's emphasis on the need for real engagement with third sector organisations.  For example, the Scottish Government states:

It is therefore our intention, as respondents have suggested, to legislate for a duty on Health and Social Care Partnerships to 'engage with and involve', rather than merely to 'consult' local professionals, across extended multi-disciplinary health and social care teams, the third and independent sectors, and for representatives of patients, people who use services, and carers regarding how best to put in place local arrangements for planning service provision.

View the report on the publications page of the Scottish Government website

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