Scotland’s diet and healthy weight action plan launched

This action plan, with an introduction from the newly appointed Minister for Public Health, Sport & Wellbeing, Joe Fitzpatrick MSP, sets out the challenges facing Scotland in terms of supporting and encouraging our citizens to attain a healthy weight.

Here at CHEX we are especially encouraged to see that there is a specific chapter which recognises the role of inequalities in terms of diet and healthy weight.

We welcome statements such as

  • “The causes of health inequality are broad and entrenched. If we want everyone in Scotland to eat well and have a healthy weight, we have to tackle the underlying factors as well, with poverty and deprivation remaining the biggest and most important challenges.”
  • “At the same time, we are clear that the efforts of society as a whole must increasingly turn toward supporting ‘wellbeing’ creation.  This is not something that is achieved primarily through the NHS. The Public Health Priorities for Scotland provides the framework for this kind of societal change and the new coalition we need to deliver it”.

Given that ‘societal change’, ‘empowerment’ and ‘co-production’ are all within the ‘bread and butter’ territory of community-led health and that community-led health organisations play a pivotal role in supporting people in relation to this important work. We look forward to seeing mechanisms which allow community-led health organisations being more fully included in “the new coalition” needed to deliver improved health and wellbeing for all.

One such example is CHEX network member the Ripple Project in Edinburgh who recently hosted the launch of the new Public Health Priorities mentioned above, these also explicitly identify the impact that inequalities have on public health. Link to Ripple launch here

The full Diet and Healthy Weight action plan, can be seen here.


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