SCDC survey on participation requests


SCDC is inviting community groups and networks, and people who work with communities, to give us their views on Participation Requests. The consultation will inform the Scottish Government's development of regulations and statutory guidance around participation requests. Over the past two months, SCDC has been running a series of focus groups in which we have been gathering views from across the country on the opportunities and challenges that Participation Requests present for both communities, and public bodies. 

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act specifies participation requests as a process for communities to request to work alongside public sector bodies to improve outcomes, and sets out duties on how public service authorities deal with such requests. They provide an opportunity for communities to set the agenda around how to tackle the needs or issues they have identified, and to become involved in helping to achieve the changes or improvements they are looking for.

SCDC wants to hear about ways in which they could be used, what the process of raising a participation request should be, what support and information might be needed to use the legislation, and how they should be promoted. Your feedback will help inform the regulations and statutory guidance which will accompany the Act.

The deadline for responses is Thursday 30th June.

Visit the survey at the following link -

Find out more about the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act on SCDC's dedicated page. 

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