Scaling-up evidence of community-led health

Those who work in community-led health know it is an effective approach to tackle health inequalities at a local level.  Moreover, many community-led health organisations conduct regular and effective evaluation of their work.  But, unless this evidence can be systematically gathered, organised and presented, there is a high likelihood that some national and local policy makers will remain sceptical and apprehensive about long term investment in such approaches and prioritising resources in this area.


CHEX has drafted a paper around scaling up the full impact of community-led work across the country that outlines the potential to compile and present the evidence to decision-makers.  However, we need to know if there is a need or an appetite from community-led organisations to participate in such a programme.  To this end we would very much welcome your feedback and ideas on the merit of such a programme.  


Click here to download the paper.  If you would like to contribute to its development, please respond with your feedback before Friday 28th September.  Email your comments to  You may find the questions at the end of the paper a helpful starting point. 

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