Responses to proposed Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill consultation launched

Over 400 responses to the recent exploratory consultation on the proposed Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill were received by Scottish Government and the overall response from across the wider public, private, third and community sectors is reported to have been positive, suggesting strong support for the aims of the Bill and for a number of the ideas set out in the consultation paper.

In order to identify and share the key ideas and messages in the consultation responses, an independent report analysing all 447 responses has been produced.  This report, along with all non-confidential responses to the consultation, have just been published on the Scottish Government website and can be accessed through the link
on the Community Empowerment pages:

An easy read version of the analysis is currently being prepared and will also be available through the above link shortly.You can read CHEX's response to the consultation here

Next Steps

The Minister for Local Government and Planning, Derek Mackay, has made it clear that empowered communities are central to shaping a modern Scotland and to reforming our public services.  The Scottish Government will be developing legislative proposals to ensure that they have the necessary practices, resources and policies in place to help empower communities and achieve the aims of the Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill.

The consultation responses will be used to help develop these proposals and work up the detail for legislative proposals to be taken forward in a draft Bill. Scottish Government be working closely with COSLA, partners in government, and with a cross-sector Reference Group to ensure that they build on the experience and many examples of good practice already out there.

The proposals taken forward will seek to remove barriers, promote good practice and bring consistency in a number of areas that will help public services and local people to improve the social, economic and environmental outcomes for communities. Scottish Government will consult on the legislative proposals in a draft Bill in Summer 2013, before preparing a Bill for introduction to the Scottish Parliament in Winter 2013/14.

Updates are available through the link above and the twitter account @CommEmpower.

If you would like to contact Scottish Government about the bill,  or would like to request a hard copy of the consultation analysis then email:

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