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Has your community-led health organisation made a participation request?

Are you thinking of making one?

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If so, CHEX would like to hear from you. This will help to inform a future briefing we intend to write on participation requests and other opportunities contained within the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act.

Participation requests are a new way for people to have their say about what improvements they would like to see made to public services they use. They are part of a piece of Scottish Government legislation called the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act (2015).

By making a participation request, a community body (or group of people in a community) can ask to start a discussion with organisations in charge of public services, such as hospitals, schools and transport, about how to improve these services. The organisations that participation requests can be made to are called ‘public service authorities’ and include local authorities and health boards as well as a list of other organisations.

Any community-led health organisations with something they would like to share should contact Andrew Paterson, Policy and Research Officer at CHEX on 0141 222 4837 or email andrew@scdc.org.uk.

For more on the Act and participation requests see SCDC's dedicated webpage.

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