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Paul Ballantyne, SCDC development manager, has written a blog about his work with the People's Health Trust.

On my travels with my SCDC development manager hat on I always take the opportunity to ask whether local groups and support staff have heard about the People’s Health Trust. Having recently become a Trustee with the organisation I want to make sure that local groups across Scotland are aware of the potential funding available and know how to keep up to date with news from the Trust.

For those that don’t know, the People's Health Trust invests in local organisations with great ideas about how to make where they live an even better place to grow, live, work and age.

It believes in funding ideas which are small and local and are genuinely designed and led by local people. This means targeting their funds at the neighbourhoods which are most likely to be affected by health inequalities.

If you are a local organisation with ideas on how to improve your community, you can join up to our newsletterto find out more about the projects we are funding and how to apply for funding in your area. Our newsletter is a monthly publication and you will also receive funding flashes letting you know where funding is available across Great Britain.

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