'On the policy map…with community-led approaches to health improvement'

The strength of commitment of CHEX, the network and its partners in both working on-the-ground with local people to tackle health inequalities and continuing to talk with policymakers has kept community-led health moving towards the policy mainstream over the course of the last ten years...according to an article by James Henderson, community researcher and author, which aims to assess CHEX's contribution to the policy landscape. 

This struggle for recognition can be seen as having been amplified by the fact that community-led health is ‘an approach' and not simply a topic or theme that can be turned seamlessly into measurable outcomes.  However, a substantial evidence base of case studies and outcomes from evaluations means that practitioners, academics and policy-makers are finally getting the message.  The scale of achievement of ‘this movement' of organisations and people in getting community-led health onto the policy map should not be under-estimated. 

To read more, download ' On the policy map...'  (PDF file, 0.5Mb). (Please note that the article was written prior to the recent Scottish Parliamentary Elections). 

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