News from the Network: Healthy Valleys funding for Grassroots Project

CHEX Network member Healthy Valleys has been successful in securing more than £450,000 to deliver its Grassroots Project. Awarded from the Big Lottery’s Investing in Communities Fund the project trains volunteers to support pregnant women and families with children under 5 years old, who live in rural South Lanarkshire and who need extra help and support.

Over the next three years, families will benefit from the Grassroots Project by being matched to a trained volunteer, who will help ensure their participation by building up a trusting, positive relationship and support them to vital ante-natal and healthcare appointments.

The project has a 2 pronged approach to early intervention:

  • Intensive Parental Support Programme – trained local volunteers are matched to families to support them to their healthcare appointments, to attend community activities and activities in our Family Education Support Programme, to promote other healthcare services and to promote physical and emotional wellbeing.
  • Family Education Support Programme offers a range of learning and development opportunities that other services/organisations don’t already provide.  This includes cookery sessions, baby massage/yoga, stress management, adult & child first aid, Play@home, all of which help increase and improve confidence and skills.


  • Vulnerable parents and carers are better able to cope for the arrival and aftercare of their child
  • Vulnerable families with children under 5 years old will be more confident and capable parents/carers
  • Vulnerable families have improved relationships, both within the family unit and their local community

You can watch an excellent video on the project here. There's also further info here.

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