A new resource: Co-production - how we make a difference together

Today a new resource has been launched on the Scottish Co-production Network: Co-production – how we make a difference together.

Developed by the Joint Improvement Team, the Scottish Co-production Network and the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland – working with Governance International – this resource features videos, case studies and other information to help spread understanding and practice around co-production.

 The range of materials includes:

It gives examples of the different ways in which co-production approaches can be used, but more than this, it draws together the principles of co-production and the practicalities of working in this way.

View the resource on the Scottish Co-production Network website


The principles of co-production are evident throughout a wide range of policies in Scotland, including Health and Social Care Integration, Self-Directed Support and the forthcoming Community Empowerment legislation. If we are to achieve the goals of each of these pieces of legislation and be successful in delivering better outcomes, then the talents, capacities and potential of all of Scotland’s people and communities must be used in designing, commissioning, delivering and assessing our public services. 

In this resource we’ve brought together great examples of co-production across Scotland, and while more needs to be done, we’re working towards building the cultures and systems which will enable co-production approaches to become the ‘norm’.

As we move forward we will be looking to add to the great content we have started with, so please get in touch with your local examples of co-production practice so that we can share these across Scotland and help to make co-production the norm in our public services.

We hope that you find this resource helpful, and we’d like to thank everyone who contributed to its development.

Find out more about the purpose of the resource here.

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