New research report from NKS

CHEX network member, Nari Kallyan Shangho (NKS), has launched a new report called Changing Cultures: health and inequality in Edinburgh. Over a hundred South Asian women were interviewed in this study in order to gain an understanding of their particular experiences of inequality.

The research found that South Asian women require culturally appropriate service provision that adopts a holistic approach, working across different ‘life domains’ and causal factors.  The report also questions whether standard indicators and measures of deprivation, which inform both policy and resource allocation, adequately capture the particular disadvantages South Asian women face.

NKS is a health and welfare organisation which, since 1987, has been working for. NKS aims to develop the social capital, health and quality of life for South Asian women and their families (Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi) living in Edinburgh who experience health inequalities, social exclusion and deprivation; provide a common platform for South Asian women to act together to improve the quality of their lives; and provide opportunities for the providers of health and welfare services to hear the concerns and views of South Asian women.

Download the report (pdf)

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