New NHS Health Scotland publications

NHS Health Scotland has produced some new publications of relevance to community-led health, which we would like to bring to your attention...

2015 UK Election Briefing

This is designed for politicians and policy makers compiled with the 2015 UK General Election Manifesto in mind and makes recommendations for tackling health inequalities. Measures that work best include social policy around housing, welfare and  income.  Efforts to increase participation and community empowerment are also seen as effective in tackling underlying inequality.


Informing Investment to Reduce Health Inequalities in Scotland

This study shows the extent to which regulatory and tax interventions which redistribute income are more effective at reducing health inequalities than interventions focussed on individual health behaviours.  It is complemented by a briefing highlighting the Best Preventative Investments in Scotland, identifying cost effective approaches to preventing poor health that are also likely to narrow health inequalities.


Places and communities that support and promote good health

This paper highlights the aspects of where we live that help to create good health outcomes.  These include green space, amenities, employment and being able to participate democratically. In terms of how to create these conditions, the paper states:

"Investing in communities to provide the means for them to develop these preventative approaches is a key feature of an effective approach."

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