New CHEX policy briefing – Communities at the heart of a healthy democracy

In this briefing, CHEX points to existing opportunities for community-led health organisations arising in the aftermath of September’s Scottish independence referendum and from the growing demand for strengthened participatory democracy.  We call on community-led health organisations and their public sector partners to capitalise on the energy and ideas that have flourished since the 18th September vote, and to use their extensive experience and expertise to help ensure that decentralisation tackles health inequalities. Download the briefing.

The briefing also highlights CHEX’s role in promoting and advocating at all levels for community-led health, and the range of opportunities for our network to get involved.  On this note, CHEX is hosting a planning meeting with members of our network for the CHEX National Conference scheduled for summer 2015. Please contact David Reilly at CHEX on 0141 248 1990 or if you would like to be involved.

Furthermore, we wish to draw to your attention Community Development Alliance Scotland’s upcoming conference “Active participation in democracy and society – building a strong foundation in communities.” This will be held on Wednesday 25 March 2015 at Townhead Village Hall, Glasgow from 10.30am to 4pm.  Find out more on the CDAS website.

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