Meeting with the Minister for Public Health - Evidencing Impact

SCDC and CHEX had an opportunity to meet with Michael Matheson, Minister for Public Health on Tues. 27th September to brief him on the impact and contribution being made by community-led health approaches across public and community and voluntary sectors.  


We highlighted the strength of the approach in supporting communities to take forward their priorities in tackling health inequalities and also activities that address health improvement topics such as smoking in the home.  He was particularly interested to hear of examples of practice and evidence that demonstrate the benefits and added value from community-led health approaches.  We advised him of the case studies, evaluations and evidence that we are aware of, but want to highlight the nature and extent of evidence across the country. 


If you would like us to convey to the Minister findings from evaluations, case studies, outcomes from particular interventions, please get in touch with Janet Muir at

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