Making Scotland Better event report now available

The report from CHEX's 'Making Scotland Better' event is now available.  The event demonstrated that community-led health organisations are achieving change, but we need many more of them!  It is clear that when and where community-led health is integral to health improvement processes and activity, good health outcomes for the wider community are more achievable and sustainable.

The presentations showed the value and impact of community-led health in effective partnership working, and the discussions generated ideas and suggestions to get round problems, scale-up approaches and invest in partnerships working. The ‘influence circles’ captured what individual participants are committed to doing in the delivery of their own work programme and in collaboration with others.

However, it also clear that despite the history and impact, the on-going challenge to invest in community-led health organisations and this approach is imperative. We were reminded from colleagues in the public sector that there remains a vacuum of knowledge and understanding about what community-led health organisations can do and contribute. Advocates must find new routes into policy and practice to raise awareness and develop dialogue across different organisational, cultural and geographical boundaries. While building on tried and tested routes of sharing lessons through case studies and other forms of evidence, much more is required to convince policy makers and local planners to shift resources towards community-led health, up-skill the public sector workforce in methods and approaches and work with community-led health organisations as equal partners in strategic planning as well as operational delivery.

CHEX points out that we currently have the following resources and opportunities to exploit:

But, if community-led health is to play its full part, the dialogue and partnership working must influence structural decision-making to:

  • Address organisational and cultural resistance
  • Build the necessary leadership that is committed to this way of working
  • Realign the resources to fully invest in this way of working

CHEX will highlight the key findings from the Event in national and local policy and practice arenas.  We hope that participants are successful in taking forward the individual and collaborative actions they prioritised as part of the event's ‘Influence Circles' – we would welcome any feedback on this.  Contact Janet Muir on 0141 248 1924  or email


Download the Making Scotland Better report (pdf)

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