From local to national and back again!

A new briefing is available which provides information on the Learning Exchanges between Community and Voluntary Sector Health Organisations & Scottish Government Civil Servants which CHEX has been part of.

To give a bit more detail on these, the Scottish Government in collaboration with CHEX, Community Food and Health Scotland and Voluntary Health Scotland sought to create opportunities for structured dialogue between community-led and voluntary health organisations and civil servants.  The Exchanges aimed to increase the understanding of each other’s role and the potential for joint working on the planning delivery of policies on health outcomes. 

This briefing summarises the process and activities together with the lessons to support national bodies and community-led and voluntary health organisations in joint working on health outcomes.  It provides insights into (a) the work and impact of 4 organisations – Lifelink, Healthy Valleys, Broomhouse Strategy Group and Car Gomm (b) the role of civil servants in implementing national health and social care policies and (c) outlines a model to develop opportunities to enhance national and local collaborative working.   

Download the Briefing

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