Learn how to resolve conflicts in your community!

Mediation Skills Course, The Albany Centre, Glasgow

October and November 2012

The Scottish Community Mediation Centre is combining with Scottish Community Development Centre to present a five-day course on mediation and resolving conflict constructively. The course is an opportunity for anyone who has to deal with local conflicts to learn practical and effective skills in helping people find common ground and a mutually-agreed way forward.

What can I expect from the course?

The first two-day section looks at where conflict arises, how it affects us and techniques for managing it constructively. You will learn how to identify different sources of conflict and how to turn conflict into agreement.

You will then complete a brief home study exercise where you will learn about the social, legal and ethical contexts of mediation in Scotland and beyond and about different models of mediation.

This is followed by three days of practice in direct mediation skills, from first contact with potential clients to handling a mediation meeting. You will have the opportunity in a relaxed and supportive environment to learn all the basic skills a mediator needs to begin to practice successfully. Participants are expected to attend the whole course and complete the exercises.

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