Launch of the Digitally Agile National Principles

The Digitally Agile National Principles are a national framework of guiding principles for the use of digital technology and social media in Community Learning and Development.

These are a key output of the thirdDigitally Agile Principles phase of the Digitally Agile CLD project delivered by YouthLink Scotland, Scottish Community Development Centre and Learning Link Scotland, supported by Education Scotland. They are intended to support CLD teams and organisations to create an empowering environment to use digital technologies and social media as part of their practice; effectively, safely and creatively.

Have a look on the Digitally Agile website, discuss them in your organisation and get in touch with the Digitally Agile CLD project to sign up.  It would also be helpful to know how you plan to use them in your own work setting.  Visit, see @DigitallyAgile on Twitter or contact Liz Green or 0131 313 2488. 

Alternatively, contact Andrew Paterson at SCDC on 0141 222 4837. 

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