Just Like Us: Supporting Behaviour Change

Drop in session at Just Like UsJust Like Us is a community organisation in Milton, North Glasgow that grew out of the trauma felt by those who lost someone close to them because of drug or alcohol use. Founder members have turned those overwhelming experiences into positive support for others. The organisation now supports those who come to weekly drop in sessions seeking to regain control and turn their lives around.

Just Like Us provides a structured, 10 week spiritual based skills programme, delivered through peer group and one-to-one sessions, for adults of all ages who are suffering from mental health and addiction issues. Thereafter, support is available on an ongoing basis, tailored to meet individual needs.

Hundreds of people from Milton and other parts of Glasgow have been supported through the group work since Just Like Us was established in 2009. A recent case study by CHEX captures the positive impact that the organisation has on individuals and the wider community. 

In this video, Lorraine and Lee talk about Just Like Us and how their support works:

You can also view the video here.

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