Join us for a conversation about community decision making

Somebody somewhere is making decisions on your behalf.

The Scottish Government has launched the next phase of its Local Governance Review, inviting people to join a conversation called ‘Democracy Matters’. We want to help get the conversations started about the Review and hear what community-led organisations have to say.

To do that, CHEX is interested in hosting a conversation with our network to discuss how decisions taken on our behalf by others, affect us and the people we work with. Or, we would equally welcome if you would be interested in hosting a conversation with our involvement. 

If you would like to join us you can register your interest here >>

Please tell us how you would like to get involved before Friday 14th September. Once we have gauge a level of interest we will be in touch.  

To help make conversations happen within communities this Review includes a community engagement fund where groups can apply for funding to help run an event. Closing date for applications is Friday 14th September. Scottish Government have also published guidance about how the discussion might work and how it could be facilitated.

More about the Review here>>

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