Iriss Social Services Community Choir

Iriss logoIRISS, The Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Services, has formed a social services community choir - an informal, fun Monday night choir group for people who are connected to social services, either through receiving or providing support:

"The purpose of the choir is to bring a diverse group of people together. We have no expectation apart from to sing together and to see where that takes us.

Everyone is welcome. There are no exclusions and no auditions. We will create an informal, lively, supportive atmosphere so whether you have the voice of an angel or the voice of a goat, we want to hear it.

We want to do this for a number of reasons:

● to strengthen understanding of different experiences

● to break down barriers

● to understand through experience how creative pursuits can improve well-being

● to learn about working together from the experience of producing (beautiful) music together 

But mostly… because we ourselves have a love of singing!"


 You can sign up online or keep up with the choir's progress on Iriss' Creative Quarter blog.



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