Impact arts: Creative pathways event

This SEE Session, delivered by Impact Arts will provide the opportunity for participants to experience first hand the creative pathways approach and delivery methods which build confidence, communication and team work skills. There will also be plenty of time for participants to reflect and consider how they could apply these processes in their own practice.

In particular, the workshop will offer the following sessions:

  • Bridge Challenge (practical) - Using minimal materials to build a bridge - team work and communication required!
  • Drawing workshop (practical) - Expressing ideas throuh drawings - breaking down barriers and building confidence
  • Creative Pathways delivery methods - An overview of the design process taught to the young people will be explained and the versatility of its use within everyday life
  • Application of this process in practice - Working in groups the participants will highlight issues relating to their  development & engagement

Please note that although this event is free of charge, for cancellations within one week or for no-shows a charge of £75 will be imposed.  Substitutions are permitted but please inform them of the change of name.

More informtion and booking here.

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