Healthy Influences research

Please complete our 10 minute survey into the influence of community-led health organisations in health and social planning structures.  The survey is for non-statutory community-led health organisations only.

Healthy Influences

In 2011 CHEX (Community Health Exchange) surveyed our network to find out how community-led health organisations influenced decision making locally and nationally. Findings were reported in our publication Healthy Influences, which you can download here.

We would now like to update this research by surveying our existing network. CHEX wants to find out how your organisation is able to influence local and national decisions.  The findings will be compiled into a report which will be available on our website and brought to the attention of key national decision makers such as the Chief Executives of NHS Scotland and managers of Community Planning Partnerships and integration partnerships on health and social care.  Click here to take part in the survey.

We very much appreciate your time in participating in this survey and estimate that it should take approximately 10 minutes to respond.   If you have any queries, please email Andrew Paterson or Elspeth Gracey or phone them on 0141 248 1964.

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