Health, hands and heart report

This new report from the Health Foundation in England considers the merits and challenges of using asset-based approaches in health care. 

Based on case studies of how asset-based approaches are being used in England, Scotland and Wales, the report finds that asset-based approaches are useful in helping communities to “achiev[e] their full potential”, to put forward their perspective and to participate in service planning and delivery.  Ultimately, the report argues, asset-based work “could make a significant contribution to tackling health and care inequalities.”

Criticisms of asset-based approaches are also covered, such as the charge that they overlook power and wealth inequalities. The authors do not dispute this, but offer a “theory of change” approach for asset-based working that enables partners using such approaches to think about the purpose of building on assets – which should include a reframing of thinking, values and relationships. 

Download the report here.


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