Getting the Message Across: Top Tips for Community-led health

At CHEX's recent ‘Making Scotland Better’ event a number of participants commented on the challenges of communicating the strength and value of community-led health, especially to those practitioners who are unaware or unfamiliar with the approach.

This prompted us to produce these ‘top tips’. They are intended as a brief guide to ‘getting the message across’ about the benefits of community-led health, and offer a route into the substantial body of work that you can use to support and promote community-led health approaches.

The resource includes tips for explaining community-led health, demonstrating value, getting started and much more.

Top Tips is a trial at this stage, so if you are interested in receiving further sheets about any particular issues, or have any comments or suggestion,  please contact Janet Muir, email

 Click here to download Getting the Message Across.

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