Fairer Scotland Planning Events

The Scottish Government has designed a number of Planning Events across Scotland  to prioritise ideas and policies that the Scottish Government can implement to create a fairer Scotland. The priorities that come from these Planning Events will feed into a final Fairer Scotland Forum in December 2015.  The Fairer Scotland Forum will host a broadly representative audience made up of people from across the country who will work with policy makers, experts, and political representatives to create a series of recommendations on how we can all work to create a Fairer Scotland.deas and policies that the Scottish Government can implement to create a fairer Scotland.  These events compliment theFairer Scotland Programme.The Planning Events are designed to allow a broadly representative audience to hear, discuss, prioritise and take action on ideas to create a Fairer Scotland.  The Scottish Government wants to hear about what needs to change and things that can be done differently to make people’s lives better.

The Planning Events will take place on the following dates:

Midlothian, Wednesday 14th October. Newbattle College, Newbattle Rd, Dalkeith, Midlothian,  EH22 3LL, Please click here to register.

Dumfries, Tuesday 20th October.  Please click here to register.

Stornoway, Thursday 29th October. Bayhead Bridge Centre.  Please click here to register.

Dundee, Thursday 5th November. Please click here to register.

Inverclyde, Tuesday, 10th November. Gamble Halls, Gourock.  Please click here to register.

Glasgow, Tuesday, 17th November.  Please click here to register.

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