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Creating a Healthier Scotland is a national 'conversation' established by The Scottish Government, designed to allow people across Scotland to have their say on what a healthier Scotland should look like in 2030, and what should be done to make this vision a reality.

Creating a Healthier Scotland runs alongside Creating a Fairer Scotland.  Both are opportunities for people living in Scotland to tell the Scottish Government about the issues and solutions to making Scotland fairer and reducing inequalities.


Further information

  • Creating a Healthier Scotland is about how we can improve the health and wellbeing of people in Scotland and the role and that our health and social care services should play in this. You can find out more at
  • There are a number of Creating a Healthier Scotland events taking place across the country.  Attend your local event to have your say on what would make a healthier Scotland.
  • You can also add your thoughts via social media - @scotgovhealth (Twitter) and
  • Another useful online resource for engaging with Fairer Scotland and other discussions is the Scottish Government  dialogue application site. This contains links to more information on specific Fairer Scotland themes, such as employment, welfare, equality and young people.

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