COPE's participation in Nursing at the Edge

COPE is a Glasgow-based community anchor organisation and community access mental health service.  It has recently featured prominently in the Royal College of Nursing's Nursing at the Edge initiative.

Rebel with a cause coverAs part of the Nursing at the Edge work, Pennie Taylor, a well-known health journalist and commentator in Scotland, interviewed nurses working in a range of different settings in various locations across the country, as well as clients and service users with whom they work.

Rebel with a cause profiles Hilda Campbell and the charity she runs, COPE. It describes how COPE is the first point of contact for people with mental health issues and how the organisation builds the capacity of local people to support others in the community. It charts the challenges and successes Hilda has encountered and also provides first-hand accounts of how COPE has been a life-saving resource for people.

Click here to read more about Nursing at the Edge and to access all six featured stories.

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