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These programmes are run by Compassionate Inverclyde - see the full article here

High 5 wellbeing programme

This programme of wellbeing is being incorporated into primary school lesson plans, year 6 secondary pupils are also involved. The programme has also been delivered with prisoners, Home care staff and members of the public.

Friendship Hub

Bereavement cafes were initially developed to ‘normalise’ conversations about death and bereavement. These have evolved into the Friendship Hub where anybody in need of company is welcomed. Thirty-five people regularly attend and regulars have started to prepare soup and snacks for each other to share.

Singing Group

This was begun in March 2017, meeting fortnightly to provide an opportunity for people to sing in an informal way and connect with others to help reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Palliative Care Companions

This provides support to families who want to support their relatives who have chosen to die at home and Companions work with the family to help with the tasks that this brings.

Schools Kindness projects

Schools have been involved in developing a ‘culture of kindness’ by getting involved with care homes, homeless people and premature babies. The young people have also been invited to design a Kindness tree and the winner will be used as a printed card.


Newly being developed for this year

Compassionate Inverclyde Award Scheme

This award scheme will allow organisations to set in place processes within the organisation that will take them through graded levels from Bronze to Gold as Compassionate Organisations. 

Compassionate Communities Action Learning Set

This will bring people from across the country into learning sets so that they might organise their own Compassionate Community Initiatives.


Comfort bags

A comfort bag will be offered to anyone sitting with someone at the end of their life. The bag will include useful items to help make their vigil more comfortable include toiletries, notepad and pen, blanket and blow-up pillow. 

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