Community Resilience: Enhancing evidence and practice - event

Rural communities are being urged by policy makers to become more 'resilient' in response to change which threatens their wellbeing and sustainability. Is 'resilience' just a new 'buzz word' or does the idea have something of real value to offer people living and working in rural areas?

Resilience has been studied by social science researchers for many years using different approaches. This workshop aims to raise awareness of the different types of research evidence about resilience, develop research questions of value to rural communities and provide advice to policy makers about whether and how rural resilience should be supported. Topics covered will include rural health, community asset ownership and ways to build community capacity for greater resilience. The event is part of the Economic and Social Research Council Festival of Social Science and is jointly organised by the Scottish Agricultural College and the Centre for Rural Health.   If you are interested in booking a place please contact The event is free and lunch is provided however travel expenses can not be provided.  

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